Letter from the Chair Friday, Jul 1 2011 

Mesdames, Messieurs, et mes Chers Amis:

Thank you for your interest in La Fondation Louisiane. Allow me to tell you, first, a little bit about the ambitious mission we have set out for ourselves and, second, what you can do to help.

With the assistance of the Association Louisianaise des Clubs de Français des Écoles Sécondaires (ALCFES–Louisiana High School French Club Association) and the faculties of the departments of French at Louisiana’s colleges and universities, the most highly motivated high school and college students of French are identified. The latter students are then invited to apply for the scholarships offer by La Fondation Louisiane.  (Those scholarships are listed elsewhere on this web site.) Following a rigorous written and oral competition conducted by high school and college faculty, the finalists are interviewed by a committee of the foundation and the entire board of directors of La Fondation Louisiane selects the winners.  Each year our high school scholarship recipients study in Canada, France, and Belgium.

If we are to continue our work, we need your help. Given the weakness of the dollar and the rising cost of airline travel, it is unlikely that we shall be able to continue to fund the number of scholarships as we have in the past without additional financial support. You can help in two ways. First by becoming a member of the foundation; $25 per year.  Your tax deductible check should be made out to La Fondation Louisiane. Second, you may wish to sponsor one of these scholarships. It can be named in your honor or in honor of a loved one or deserving individual.

Our address and other contact information can be found on this web site. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Merci.

May Waggoner


Scholarship Announcement Friday, Jul 1 2011 

La Fondation Louisiane
is proud to announce its scholarship recipients for the
2011-2012 Academic Year.
They are as follows:

La Bourse Allen M. Babineaux– $1,000 for summer study at Université Ste. Anne in Nova Scotia awarded to Alexandra Flores of Lafayette High School.

La Bourse Jason Dyess – $1,000 for summer study at the Centre International d’Études Françaises (CIDEF- the International Center for French Studies), Angers, France awarded to Justin Blanchard of Haynes Academy in Metairie.

La Bourse James Domengeaux– Year-long scholarship in the amount of $10,000 to study French liberal arts at the Institut Catholique de Paris awarded to Margeret Sullivan from UNO.

Les Bourses Héritage: $1,000 awards for students selected by the French Embassy to be Teaching Assistants in France.

La Bourse Héritage Patsy Arceneaux
Awarded to Simone Barrilleaux of Tulane

La Bourse Héritage Mary and Charles Belleau
Awarded to Caitlin Orgeron of LSU

La Bourse Héritage France-Louisiane
Awarded to Virginia Mather of Centenary College

La Bourse Héritage Marie Therese Gustin
Awarded to Patricia Travis of Tulane

La Bourse Héritage Herbert Belleau
Awarded to Gary Hebert of North Carolina State University

La Bourse Héritage Martine Esparbet
Awarded to Nicole Horne of LSU

La Bourse Héritage Marjorie Belleau
Awarded to Tonya Kenny of LSU

La Bourse Héritage Annette and Gerald Domingue
Awarded to Kirby Buttitta of ULM

La Bourse Héritage Cecil Picard
Awarded to Joan Regard of LSU

La Bourse Héritage Claude Teboul
Awarded to Charles Evans of LSU

Press Release. Scholarship Winners 2011-2012. Friday, Jul 1 2011 


735 Jefferson St.
Lafayette, LA 70501

(337) 482-5451


The Board of Trustees of La Fondation Louisiane is pleased to announce that thirteen foreign study scholarships have been awarded to college and high school students from across Louisiana. La Fondation Louisiane is a private, non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting and preserving the French language in our state by awarding scholarships to highly motivated Louisiana students for study in Francophone countries.

Margaret Sullivan of Lafayette and a French major at the University of New Orleans was named the winner of the James Domengeaux Scholarship.  This scholarship provides for free tuition to attend the Catholic University of Paris for the 2011-2012 academic year, plus $10,000. This scholarship is named in honor of former Congressman James Domengeaux who was the founder of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana.

 Ten Heritage Scholarships were awarded to Louisiana college students who will spend the 2011-2012 academic year in France teaching conversational English in French elementary, middle, and high schools. These 10 scholars will also be enrolled in a master’s degree at the University of Rennes in Brittany. They are Simone Barrilleaux and Charles Evans of Metairie; Nicole Horne and Patricia Travis of New Orleans; Kirby Buttitta of Monroe; Virginia Mather of Shreveport; Caitlin Orgeron of Cut Off; and Joan Regard, Cary Hebert, and Tonya Kenny of Baton Rouge.

In the high school competition, Alexandra Flores, a student at Lafayette High School, won the Allen M. Babineaux Scholarship.  The $1000 scholarship will help defray the costs of the summer immersion program at the University of St. Anne in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Justin Blanchard, a student at the Haynes Academy in Metairie, won the Jason Dyess Scholarship. This scholarship, in cooperation with the government of France, provides for free tuition at the International Center for French Studies in Angers, France, plus $1000. Justin will be enrolled in an intensive summer program in Angers.

Bonne Année + Cinema Francais Friday, Dec 17 2010 

Bonjour tout le monde,
We, at La Fondation Louisiane would like to wish you all a WONDERFUL 2011! To start it off right, Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB), with generous support from the French Consulate in New Orleans, and in cooperation with La Fondation Louisiane, wishes to announce the second season of Cinéma Francais to be aired statewide on LPB 2 beginning on Sunday night, at 10 p.m., January 23, 2011.  In New Orleans, on Cable Channel 14, WLAE, it will air at 11 p.m.
Each Cinéma Francais program will consist of an introduction and welcome from Dr. William Arceneaux,  chair of the Board of Trustees of La Fondation Louisiane, followed by a classic French film, all in French. Both Dr. Arceneaux’s remarks (3 to 5 minutes in duration) and the movie will have English subtitles.
The Sunday night movie will be repeated the following Saturday night again at 10 p.m. Then, on Sunday night a new film and introduction will be presented.  The series will consist of 12 shows; therefore, for 12 weeks, every Saturday and Sunday night at 10 p.m., viewers can watch Cinéma Francais.  The Saturday night repeat films will not be aired on WLAE in New Orleans.

For students and faculty, a 12 unit, bilingual, on-line “Study Guide to Cinéma Francais” is available at no charge as a public service from LPB and La Fondation Louisiane.  The Study Guide can be accessed by going to the LPB web site at www.lpb.org , and follow the link to Cinéma Francais.  We recommend the French version for university and the English version for high school, although the choice is yours. The content of both is rigorous.  This link will also give you the names of each film and the order of their appearance on Cinéma Francais.  
Once again, bonne année from
La Fondation Louisiane