Les Bourses

La Fondation Louisiane is proud to offer les bourses (the scholarships) to outstanding students attending Louisiana universities.  The winners of these scholarships will be able to spend a full academic year in Belgium or France.  Unless otherwise noted, scholarship winners will be juniors or seniors whose level of French will allow them to receive instruction in a complete French environment.  Recipients must also demonstrate a commitment to assist in the promotion of French in Louisiana.

• La Bourse James Domengeaux •

Université Catholique de Paris (France)

Eligibility:  French Language/Literature Major committed to promoting Louisiana’s culture and French language while in France and upon return to Louisiana.

This scholarship is named in honor of James Domengeaux who worked tirelessly for the preservation of the French language in Louisiana and who was instrumental in the creation of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL).  This scholarship is a $10,000 cash grant.

• La Bourse Lois & John Breaux •

Université de Mons-Hainaut (Mons, Belgium)

Eligibility:  French Education Major committed to teaching French in the elementary and/or secondary schools of Louisiana.

This scholarship is named in honor of John Breaux, a native of Crowley, Louisiana, who served as the United States Congressman from 1972-1987 and as United States Senator from 1987-2005, and Mrs. Breaux.  This scholarship is a $10,000 cash grant.

• Les Bourses Héritage •

French Embassy Teaching Assistantships

These assistantships, granted by the French Embassy, allow the student to teach English for one academic year in France.  Les Bourses Héritage (the heritage scholarships) are a $1,000 cash grant to assist the student with airfare to France and are awarded to selected students who are granted assistantships.

• La Bourse Héritage: Patsy Arceneaux •

Dr. and Mrs. William Arceneaux are pleased to offer this scholarship, in honor of Mrs. Patsy Arceneaux, a graduate of French at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches.

• La Bourse Heritage: Mary & Dr. Charles D. Belleau •

Mary and Dr. Charles D. Belleau are proud to sponsor this scholarship in honor of their French heritage.

• La Bourse Héritage:  France Louisiane •

The France-Louisiane Scholarship is sponsored by an anonymous donor in the spirit of reinforcing the ties that Louisiana has shared with France through the France-Louisiane organization in Paris for many years.

La Fondation Louisiane is also pleased to offer les bourses (the scholarships) to students attending Louisiana high schools who are members of the Louisiana Association of High School French Clubs (ALCFES).  These scholarships are awarded at the annual ALCFES convention.

• La Bourse Jason Dyess •

Université Catholique de l’Ouest (Angers, France)

This scholarship, in the amount of $1,000, helps with the round-trip airfare to France.  It is made in cooperation with the French government.  The winner will study French in an intensive summer program designed for secondary students.

This scholarship is named for the late Jason Dyess, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Dyess.  Mr. Dyess has dedicated his life to the French language and to teaching French in Louisiana.

• La Bourse Allen M. Babineaux •

Universite Sainte-Anne

(Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada)

This scholarship is in the amount of $1,000 and will help defray the costs of the summer immersion program.

This scholarship was created upon the request of the Babineaux Family, to honor the late Judge Allen M. Babineaux who was a highly dedicated ambassador of the French language in Louisiana.

Your tax-deductible gifts to La Fondation Louisiane have made possible numerous exchange opportunities and support of cultural activities such as:

Congrès Mondial Acadien Louisiane 1999, Festival International, and the Cajun French Music Association.